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The Best Filipino Pansit Recipe Ever

This “The Best Filipino Pansit Recipe Ever” post is our family’s recipe for the traditional Filipino pansit. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure/privacy policy.  Whatever the occasion is, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the likes, our family especially my mom and sisters would always prepare pansit as one of the main dishes. It’s a

Yummy Soft Salted Pretzel Bites

These Soft Salted Pretzel Bites are as good as the ones sold at stores like Auntie Anne’s. The recipe is based on the hit dessert soft cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. This time, it is simple. Instead of making the house-favorite soft cinnamon sugar pretzel bites, I made the soft salted pretzel bites. Sometimes, I like

How To Cook The Perfect Bacon

This ” How To Cook The Perfect Bacon” guide is your perfect guide to cooking your perfect bacon. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure/privacy policy.  Who doesn’t like bacon? As far as I know, I’ve never seen or heard anybody who dislikes bacon (minus those who are conscious of their weight or who are into healthy eating).