Modern Painted White Nightstands

This “Modern Painted White Nightstands” post describes what I did to update the overall look of our bedroom’s nightstands.

It was Labor Day. I’ve got nothing else to do. I did my part on couponing and grocery shopping. I cleaned up my car. I worked on my other blog, The Practical Saver.

I thought i was done. I thought Labor Day was going to be a lazy day. That’s what I thought. Then, my wife had a “great” idea. She said it was a GREAT idea but I beg to differ.

She wanted me to re-finish and update our old looking nightstands. We were supposed to be new ones but the new ones start at around $90 each. Yikes. Those nightstands were too much for our budget. We looked around Craigslist and on sales/promotions. Unfortunately, we could not find any that fit our budget.

Then, here comes DIY or repainting what we already have.

I have no complaints about refinishing our old nightstands. Hey, repainting them will save us a lot of money. They did and I was so happy.

Overall, I spent less than $15 refinishing these nightstands. Yes, I only spent less than $15. My wife couldn’t believe it.

I used extra white paint for the nightstands. The paint was on sale at Lowes for $7.00 because the paint was a wrong paint that other customer returned. If you want to save money on paint, always go to the discounted section. You’ll see a lot of incorrectly tinted paints there for dirt cheap price.

We have had these nightstands for quite some time now. They were bought at the same time our daughter was born. I’m not tagging these furniture as something with sentimental value but they mean a lot to us because these were the first of the many things we bought when my wife and I were just starting out.


Modern Painted White Nightstands

Here are the nightstands that we have. I should say, here is the picture of one of the nightstands that we have. Is it cute and traditional and outdated all at the same time? I think, so.

The nightstands had knicks and scuffs, some scratches and discolorations, just to name a few. But these are so sturdy that carrying at least 30 lbs. of lamps are not a problem.

Enough of the story, let us now go to getting dirty and making these nightstands look updated and alive again. Enjoy.

Modern Nightstand Makeover Tutorial

Supplies Needed:


Before I painted the nightstands, I had to do some prep work. First thing that I did was I took out the knobs, so they don’t get coated with paint. I wanted for the knobs to look oldish. So, I decided, with my wife’s concurrence, that these knobs stay as is.

I removed the drawers.

After that, I started sanding the nightstands. because of the style of the nightstands, I wasn’t able to sand all the corners. I didn’t need to use wood fillers because all the scratches or dings were not deep and so sanding was enough to make them disappear.

Once done with sanding, I took out all the dusts using paper towel. Once done, a first coat was applied. I had to use the 2″ paint brush for coating the nightstands and the small paint brush for all the in-between edges. I left the paint to dry for 24 hours because I painted them when it was cold outside. Although the paint is a fry-dry one, I just wanted to make sure it’s all dried up before I apply the next and final coat.

The next day, I applied the second coat and waited for another 24 hours for the paint to dry. Once the paint was all dried up, I put back the knobs.

After that, these newly, modern painted white nightstands went straight to the master bedroom. They absolutely look chic, simple, and modern.

My wife was happy and that’s all that matters. 🙂


These newly painted white nightstands complement really well with our new mattress bedroom theme. I can’t believe that we didn’t think about re-finishing these great looking furniture before. We were so fixated with buying new ones that we forgot the simple beauty of these nightstands.

I’m in love with these nightstands and so is my wife. Happy wife, happy life, happy husband.

What do you think about these modern painted white nightstands? Are you going to do a similar one?