Halloween Desserts: Scary-Looking Treats

This “Halloween Desserts: Scary-Looking Treats” post contains recipes from different bloggers on desserts with Halloween theme. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

Halloween season is around the corner? Heck, yeah.

Halloween is one of my most favorite days/seasons of the year. It’s scary and at the same time fun. Not to mention the endless desserts that have a Halloween theme.

I guess this is the season that the messier, scarier, nastier looking the desserts, the better. Of course, the taste has to be spot-on as well. I guess I’m just referring to the overall look and presentation of the desserts.

I’ve been searching through different posts, Facebook groups, and networks I have to get the best Halloween-themed desserts I could find.

Great thing, I have a ton in my network who willingly shared their recipes and pictures for this post’s roundup.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have tried several of these. I’m telling you that they are delicious and great looking. I am certain that you’ll be able to spook (in a good way) your friends and family or whoever you will serve these desserts to.

If you are like me who is frugal, you will feel happy do make the following desserts because they are just awesome and easy to make. Call them Halloween treat DIY or easy Halloween recipes. Haha

I can’t wait for the Halloween day to arrive so I can make as much as I can and give them away. I will also make a batch or two because I know I will also be asked to bring some Halloween treat for party.

I’m thinking of giving the kids who roam around for candies some friendly-desserts for them to bring home. I say friendly because I don’t want their beautiful costumes to be ruined because of the frosting, sprinkles, etc. on or in the desserts.

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Halloween Scary-Looking Treats

If you are looking for Halloween desserts or easy Halloween appetizers (these desserts can really be appetizers, in my opinion), then, you are looking at the right post.

Without further ado, here are the scary, spooky Halloween-themed desserts.

FYI: They are edible. They just look yucky and spooky but they sure are super delicious.


Ghosts in The Graveyard Dessert Shooters

If you are in a hurry to make spooky desserts, this recipe is your savior. It only takes 30 minutes (in total) to create this eye-catching, scary desserts. With just a couple of ingredients that are staple of dessert making, you can whip this dessert out in no time. (image above from Sugar Spun Run)



Halloween Spider Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? Who is afraid of spiders? In other seasons, these two don’t go together. But during Halloween, these two jive with each other. Come in, Halloween spider cookies. This is just a great recipe and food for everyone to try. You can’t beat the simplicity of the ingredients and procedures of this recipe. (image from Cincy Shopper).


Naturally Green Peanut Butter Witch Finger Cookies

Who likes to eat fingers? I’m not asking who likes to eat WITH their fingers? This is one of the spookiest recipes you’ll ever find. The finger cookies look awesomely, deadly delicious and spooky, too. I’ll tell you that this recipe is in my to-do list this coming Halloween. I’m going to make these cookies and give them to my friends. (image from Veggie Desserts)


Graveyard Direct Cups Recipe

This has got to be one of the easiest spooky desserts I’ve ever done and seen. Just by looking at the picture, I can easily tell what the ingredients are. I was right. When I looked at the recipe, the ingredients were exactly those that I thought of. For beginners in making desserts, this is probably one of the easiest. For the experts, this should be one of the most fun to do. (image from Sugar Spice and Family Life). 


Bloody White Cake With Raspberry Jam

My recipe roundup won’t be complete without a spooky cake. This is delicious. I tried this the other week and the taste was heaven (although the look was scary). Kudos to Amanda for sharing this recipe. Because I already did this one last week and it was a hit, I’m going to make one again come Halloween day. (image from A Cookie Named Desire)


Final thoughts:

There you have them, that is, the five Halloween desserts to complete your Halloween season. Be sure to share the spookiness that these desserts are known for. Happy Halloween, everyone. You can give these as Halloween treat for adults or for kids.

Are you going to try any of these Halloween desserts? What other Halloween desserts do you think you are going to make?

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