Great DIY Minnie Mouse Cake

This ” Great DIY Minnie Mouse Cake ” is the cake that my wife and I made for our daughter last year. For us, it was the best cake we’ve ever had. It’s the best not because of how it looks but it’s because we made a great effort and time to create this wonderful cake for our daughter. She really loved it. 

Our daughter loved and still loves Minnie Mouse. She adores her like that’s the only kid-friendly figure out there. Who doesn’t like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse? When I was a little kid, I loved Mickey, too.

For our daughter’s 2nd birthday, which was last year, my wife and I decided to have a Minnie Mouse theme birthday party. This meant that everything from the plates to the cake had to be Minnie Mouse related.

We decided to limit our budget to around $200. It was a good budget since there weren’t a lot of people invited. Most of the guests were extended family members (i.e. mom, in-laws, brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces). The cake was particularly the only one that we had a slight problem on. It was too expensive. For a half-sheet cake, the cost was around $30. This half-sheet, based on my experience, was not enough to feed a battalion.

So, my wife and I decided to make our own Minnie Mouse cake. It turned out as Mickey Mouse because we forgot to create a ribbon to differentiate Mickey from Minnie. But our daughter loved it and so, did my family.

It ended costing us less than $10 to create this cake. We used two prepared cake mixes ($1 since it’s buy 1 get 1 free when I bought them), wet ingredients for the cake mix (roughly $1), pink candies ($1.50), small-sized marshmallows ($1) and small and regular-sized Oreo cookies ($4).

I also made the whipped icing, which cost me $2 to make. I would have bought the pre-made icing but heavy cream is almost always in our refrigerator. So, I chose to use it to make the whipped icing than buy the pre-made one. I’ll say that it’s always better to make your own whipped icing since you can control how sweet the icing is.

It’s quite easy to make the icing. Just combine 2 cups of heavy cream and 1 cup of confectioner’s sugar. Using a hand mixer, beat mixture until it forms soft peaks. That’s about it.

The Oreo cookies were the most important ingredient (as far as decoration is concerned). With the big Oreo cookie as the face and two small Oreo cookies as the ears, you can form as many Minnies or Mickeys as you want. We choose to create 6 Minnies or Mickeys (depending on how you look at the cookies) on the side of the cake.

By a mile, this is the best cake I’ve ever seen. It’s not the prettiest cake but it’s the best because I made it for our daughter, she was so happy with it, the flavor was great, and it feed at least 20 people.

I poured my heart and time making this cake and my wife poured her creativity to make the design fit what our daughter loved.

It was simply perfect. From then on, I told my wife that every year, I will make our daughter’s cake.