Super Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

This ” Super Easy DIY Halloween Decorations ” post shows the different easy Halloween decorations you can do at home. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

One of these days, a lot of us will start buying Halloween decorations/decors. I bet some have already done your shopping.

Everywhere you go now whether to Target, BJs, and Walmart, you will see Halloween stuff in the stores. That’s because the scary season is just around the corner.

I love Halloween season. It’s spooky and it’s fun at the same time. I remember growing up watching scary television shows or movies during Halloween season. I was scared but that feeling didn’t prevent me from watching those shows.

I did the same thing year after year even when I was scared. Weird but that’s what I did. Haha.

Now, Halloween season means a little bit different for me. Now, it’s more on being festive and scary at the same time. Now, we are more into Halloween decorations.

This means that my wife and I (including our daughter) have to decorate our front porch and the yard with tombstones, webs, dim lights, etc. If I were to calculate the total costs of our Halloween displays/décor, if we buy them, would be in hundreds of dollars.

In short, it will be expensive.

Just the other day, my wife and I had a talk (not the serious one). We decided that we’d go for DIY Halloween décor this year. I think it’s more fun because we get to create our own scary displays from scratch.

I searched through the web for ideas and also asked my friend bloggers if they want to share their Halloween DIY-theme posts with me as well the images. I’m glad they did. I’ll tell you that some of these DIY stuff are just too good to be true.

I honestly think some of them just look store-bought and high-end.

Some of my DIY friends are just plain genius. I don’t know how they come up with these ideas. They are gorgeous and so easy to create. Many of them only use a couple of materials, which are typically present in a lot of households. That’s a good thing.

On this post, you will see cob webs, tombstones, basket trays, and so many more DIY ideas. They are handmade crafts but they look expensive and professional.

I bet that when you see these images, you’d think twice if they are store-bought or made from scratch with simple materials.

I plan on making a lot of what I have on this post a week from now. I should say WE are going to make most of the ones I have listed here a week from now. I can only imagine what my yard will look like.

One thing I know is for sure, that is, my neighbors will likely ask us where we got the displays.

Super Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Here are the super easy DIY Halloween decorations that I was able to find online. Thanks to my blogger friends who provided me the images for this post.


DIY Jack-O-Lantern Candy Bucket by Making of A Mom



Halloween Boo Decor Fixer Upper Style by Birkley Lane Interiors


Letters to spell BOO

Wood planking for the back

Black and white spray paint

Glue gun and glue



DIY Halloween Pumpkin Carving



White Paint

Scraper (e.g. spoons to get all the pumpkin out)

Tea light candles



Easy DIY Halloween Tinsel Wreath by Rock-A-Bye Parents


18 Inch Wire Wreath

2 Strands of Pumpkin Tinsel Garland

2 Strands of Ghost Tinsel Garland


DIY Halloween Tea Light Bottle by Unknown

Possible Materials:

Onion paper (use to cover the glass container)

Glass container

Glue (use to stick the paper to the glass container)

Scissors to carve the ghost



DIY Halloween Decorations Tissue Box Haunted House

by Mom Behind The Curtain


3 regular size rectangular tissue boxes
1 square tissue box
10 13”X13” orange paper napkins
2 white tissues
8 1” Styrofoam balls
4 white chenille stems
black acrylic paint
gray or white acrylic paint
glue stick
double stick tape
scotch tape
white glue
ball-point pin
Exacto knife or craft knife
(optional) string of white LED holiday lights


DIY Boo Pallet Project by Ann’s Entitled Life


Wood Pallet Board (this one measures 3.5″ x 14″)
4″ Wood Letters B O O
Black Acrylic Craft Paint
Orange Acrylic Craft Paint (Used on this project: Folk Art Vivid Orange 2904E)
Paint Brush
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Sanding Block (if necessary)


DIY Monster Clips by Making Of A Mom


Dollar Store Halloween Basket


Dollar Store Halloween Basket


Black Marker


DIY Tombstone (Tutorial)

Final thoughts:

There you have it. You can now create your own DIY Halloween Decorations without spending too much money. Your season will surely be festive, fun, and spooky without spending a lot of money.

Which ones are you going to try first? Which of these Halloween decorations do you think you will have creating?