10+ DIY Fall Decor Projects

This “10+ Fall Decor DIY Projects” post describes the different DIY Fall decor projects you can do to have a fun season without shelling boatloads of money. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy.

Fall season is here. It’s the time when leaves turn to orange, red, yellow, brown, and something in between.

It’s the time when many homeowners will start raking (yikes) and cleaning their yards way more often than they would want to.

Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

Fall season is my truly favorite season. I don’t like the raking part though; however, overall, I really like Fall season.

It is also the time when my family works meticulously to create a lot of decorations and preparations. We make a lot of Fall-themed decorations and we also prepare for Thanksgiving and also for Christmas time during fall season.

This season really means a lot for us.

Home decor not only helps you create a sense of fall season throughout your house but it also says a lot about your great personality.

When you decorate your house especially your front porch, you are telling people you like to have a festive, fun house or season. It tells people you like the simple touches.

Fall season is a great time to play with a combination of different colors. You can mix and match Fall colors and make something that looks outstanding even on a budget.

These colors are just plain warm and inviting to someone’s eyes.

This does not mean though you can just mix and match and call it a day. You still need to make sure the color combinations look good on your eyes and, at times, on someone else’s eyes. That is where my wife comes in.

I’m not saying I am bad with color combination but she definitely knows her colors. You can always choose what colors you like or however you mix & match the color. If you are a type of person who likes to invite guests, it is never a bad thing to get another pair of discriminating eyes for comments or suggestions.

10+ Fall Decor DIY Projects

Here are some of the best Fall decor DIY projects I found online. Enjoy.


Fall Entryway Decor With DIY Decorative Pumpkin

Craft Pumpkins, MagiKote, Chalky Paints and Paint brush/foam brush.



Dollar Store DIY Pumpkin Serving Tray

Materials: Medium sized foam pumpkin, silver or solid color serving plate, glue gun, copper paint (or any color you want), and paint brush.





Fall Three Tier Stand

Materials: Tiered Wood Slice Stand, Wood bead garland, various artificial pumpkins and apples, artificial leaves, wheat, moss, jar, vintage type letters, and grapevine pumpkins.



Easy Metallic Patterned Painted Pumpkins

Materials: Pumpkins, Chalk Paint, Foam Paint Brush, and Metallic Paint Pen





Fall Decorations Candle With Burlap and Leaves

3 pillar candles, burlap lace ribbon, fake fall maple leaves, acorn, 2 small pine cones, craft jute, and hot glue gun.



DIY Fall Ribbon Wreath

Materials: Decorative ribbon, burlap ribbon, fabric strips, wire wreath frame, scissors, and “Fall” pennant banner.



Easy DIY Fall Wreath

14-inch grape vine wreath and 8 little orange berry stems.



Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece

Materials:  Paint of your choice, foam dollar store pumpkin, fake flowers, and hot glue gun.



DIY Fall Farmhouse Decor Craft

Materials: Wooden letters, wood slab, spray paint, jute twine (optional), glue gun, and glue sticks.


These are some of the best Fall decorations you can make even when you have a limited budget. Which ones are you going to make this season?