Cheap, Best Looking Entryway Bench and Other Decors

This ” Cheap Entryway Bench and Other Decor ” post describes what my wife and I did to our entryway. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure/privacy policy.

My wife and I bought our house with my blogging money from my other blog, The Practical Saver. Yes, blogging was able to pay for our house.

Anyway, since we moved into our house, my wife and I had always wanted to decorate the entryway.

According to her, it’s the first thing people see when they come into our house. It totally makes sense though.

This past couple of months, we’ve been bargain hunting to make sure we get the decors we want without spending too much money.

It took a us almost two months to get all the decors we want for our entryway. It’s a great feeling that we got all of those things well below our budget.

Our overall design theme

We want our house to be clean, classy, and neutral. We think that these requirements will make our design timeless and beautiful. This also means that we won’t have to keep buying decors again and again.

That’s why we chose neutral colors for our entryway.

As you can see from the picture (below), the color tones of our entryway are white, beige, and light gray (plus the blue pillow for accent purposes). From the picture frames down to the baskets, the color combination is neutral.

Our overall budget

Our overall budget was $300 for the entry. How much was our actual expense? It was less than around $100, which is half of our original budget.

When I first posted a pic of our entryway in my personal Facebook account, my friends thought I spent a ton of money. I told them that I only spent around $180 and they were shocked.

They couldn’t believe how gorgeous our entryway is especially the rustic entryway bench and the money we paid to get all of those things in our entryway.

One friend of mine told me that the entryway bench and coat rack would go together. I might add that coat rack later on.

There’s one lesson to be learned here. When it comes to decorating your home, you sometimes need to just chill and wait until the sales, promotions, and clearance arrive. You don’t want to get expensive items when you can buy them at deep discounts.

I’m just saying.

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Cheap Entryway Bench and Other Decor

We bought all the wall decors except the key picture frame from Hobby Lobby. We’ve been eyeing those decors for quite sometime now.

We didn’t want to pay those at 50% discount much less at full price. We knew Hobby Lobby items goes on promotion for 60% off at times. So, we waited for that time.

And we did. Each time it had 60% off, we would get the decors we wanted. Just last week, we got our final wall decor, which was that big black, wall sign at the top of the picture. We paid $65 for all the wall decors (less the key picture frame).

As with the key picture frame, I bought it from Ross for $5. It was on clearance.

The reason that we didn’t want to buy these decors on full price was because the cost of making them from scratch is half their retail price.

We wanted to get the decors for 60% off because we wanted to save more by buying them instead of making them. Remember the cost of making them is half the retail price.

With regard to the entryway bench, we bought it from good, old Walmart. The entryway bench in that pic is really a dining bench. We bought it for $87.

My wife bought the two pillow accents at Ross for $11 a set. She also bought the basket below the entryway bench for $17 for two.

Tips on balancing the wall decors

Just because you have space to put the wall decors doesn’t mean that you just put those everywhere on the wall. If you do, you are likely to make the wall look bad.

Here are some tips before you nail those wall decors in place.

  • Find how big of a space you want to use to hang all your wall decors. It looks good when the wall is balanced. When I say balanced, I mean the empty space of the left side of the wall is the same as that of the right side. The same principle applies with the top and bottom of the wall.
  • Before you hang the wall decors, lay them out on the floor and see how they will look like. It’s much easier to change the layout and where the decors should go when they aren’t nailed on the wall yet.

And that’s really about it. Oh one more thing I’d like to tell you is to not stress about trying to mirror what you see online or in Pinterest. My wife was obsessed with trying to replicate what she saw on Pinterest.

I told her that it’s an inspiration not a requirement. Haha. After all of the things we’ve done to make this project happen she saw that I was right, that is, our entryway looks really good and reflect our taste.

Are you going to decorate your entryway? Do you think the entryway bench that’s really designed for dining room can be used for entryway? Do you think it would look better with a diy entryway bench or white entryway bench?

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