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Fall Decor: Simple Fall Decor DIY Projects

This “Fall Decor: Simple Fall Decor DIY Projects” post describes the different fall decor DIY projects you can do to have a festive, fun season without shelling out a ton of money. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy. Fall season is finally here. It’s the time when leaves turn to yellow, orange, red, brown, and

Modern Painted White Nightstands

This “Modern Painted White Nightstands” post describes what I did to update the overall look of our bedroom’s nightstands. It was Labor Day. I’ve got nothing else to do. I did my part on couponing and grocery shopping. I cleaned up my car. I worked on my other blog, The Practical Saver. I thought i

45+ Delicious Budget Meals

This “45+ Delicious Budget Meals “ post lists the more than 45 delicious budget meals anyone can make without breaking the bank. My family likes to eat budget meals, but it doesn’t mean that we eat poorly or bland foods. Some of these meals cost $5 and $10. Some cost less than $5, and some

Great DIY Minnie Mouse Cake

This ” Great DIY Minnie Mouse Cake ” is the cake that my wife and I made for our daughter last year. For us, it was the best cake we’ve ever had. It’s the best not because of how it looks but it’s because we made a great effort and time to create this wonderful cake for

DIY Centerpiece Box

This “ DIY Centerpiece Box “ is simple but elegant centerpiece that will bring an extra oomph to your already beautiful dining table. I use discarded wood to create this wonderful box. One of the things I don’t like to do is to throw away things. I tend to find alternative uses of those things