About Us

Welcome to our own small recipe and DIY blog. We are so thrilled that you stop by here. Stay as long as you can in this site and, hopefully, get something good out of it. 🙂

I am Allan but everybody calls me Lan. I’m a family man who likes to eat, bake, cook, make something out of somebody else’s trash (a.k.a. re-purposing things others find no longer useful). I live with my wife, Anne, and my daughter, Adriana. My mother and father-in-laws are also living with us.

My favorite food is anything cooked at home. The same goes with the rest of my family. My wife likes pastries and my daughter does, too. That’s why I took time to learn how to bake because I wasn’t that good of a baker before. My father-in-law was a chef for a 5-star restaurant but he’s retired now. He does all the wonderful, tasty, yummy cooking everyday. In short, we eat good food everyday.

I also like DIYing just about anything. I like to re-finish wood products and make them look pretty and new again. I like to create Christmas ornaments. In other words, I like to make things instead of buying them.

About The Handy Foodie

Well, first of all, I assume that a lot of you guys are thinking how and why I came up with the blog title “The Handy Foodie”.

Our blog is about food and DIY. I call myself handy because anything I touch turns into something else. I like to re-configure and re-purpose things instead of throwing them out. I always believe that things have other purposes than what they are initially intended for.

The focus of this blog in terms of DIY is about projects that are easy to be accomplished. You won’t see a project that entails changing the layout of your bathroom or kitchen. But you will see ideas on design, wood work, art, etc. that you can do by yourself. In other words, this blog will focus on easy do-it-yourself work, something that even eight graders can do.

My wife and the rest of our family are food-lovers. Count me in that category as well. We like to eat good food but we don’t like to eat out because it’s just way too expensive. So, we bake and cook everything at home. I always say that homemade food is better because we know the ingredients we use and we can tailor the flavor to our taste.

The blog’s focus in terms of food is creating dishes, pastries, etc. that use everyday ingredients and that need only a few ingredients. I hate it when I see a big laundry list of ingredients. For us, food can be simple but tasty at the same time.

What We Hope You Get From This Blog

We hope that you will come back again and again to this site to see and try what we have in here. We hope that you will consider this blog as your go-to blog for easy-to-do recipes and easy DIY.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch me us via our Contact Us page.

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