$5 Coffee Table Christmas Centerpiece

This ” $5 Coffee Table Christmas Centerpiece ” post details how I transformed fall-themed coffee table centerpiece into a coffee table Christmas centerpiece for under $5. This post contains affiliate links/ads. See disclosure policy

The fall season is over and Christmas season (although it’s not really a season) is here. Because my wife and I tend to not spend a whole of money, we try to transform fall-themed decorations to Christmas-themed decorations.

Of course, the first thing we always do is find decorations that can easily be changed without too much effort. The same rule was applied to our fall-themed centerpiece.

We went to Home Goods a couple of months ago to buy our fall-themed table centerpiece (see image below). This was on sale for just $12 and we thought we could transform it into Christmas decoration after fall season is done.



So, we were right.

We went to the Dollar Tree and bought those $1 Christmas decorations and Christmas tree inserts. We spent $5 not knowing if we would use all of the decorations we just bought.

We went for a gold, silver, and white theme so it’s aligned with the color palette of our Christmas tree.

Because each decoration has different branches, I decided to take them out one at a time and place them everywhere in the centerpiece. I tried to put each decoration as it was and it did not look good. That’s why I decided to them out one at a time.

Overall, I only used $3 dollars (i.e. 3 pieces of decorations). I had 2 pieces left and those were placed in the Christmas tree.

After 10 minutes of work, the newly-decorated coffee table Christmas centerpiece no longer looks like fall-themed centerpiece.

My friends couldn’t believe that I only spent $3 on this piece. If I had gone back to Home Goods and bought another centerpiece, it would have cost me $12 or more depending if there’s a sale on the centerpiece.

My wife and daughter like it. So, for me, it was a success.


Hey, for $3, you can’t tell that what I used for this coffee table Christmas centerpiece are from the Dollar Tree.

The piece is so elegant but the cost isn’t so elegant (i.e. cheap materials). Haha

If you are looking to create a centerpiece or tweak whatever it is that you have right now, head to the Dollar Tree and grab some materials while it still has the stock.

Are you almost done with your Christmas decorations? Have you started yet? Do you think there’s another room to create another decoration like this?

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